Citizens of Illinois
Be an Agent of Change, the future of Illinois is at stake!

It's Critical that you take action and Reclaim is here to help

  • Become truly informed about the candidates before so you can see through the propaganda they often spout and make the best choices in the voting booth.
  • Consider candidates regardless of party in order to find the BEST person for the job.
  • Put the current office holders at the bottom of your list since they have had the opportunity to lead and its now time for fresh leadership to clean up the mess and put Illinois on a winning path.
  • Register to vote if you haven't already.
  • Vote in the general election (November 2012).
  • Urge your family, friends and co-workers to become informed and Vote.
  • Enable others to Vote by helping them get to the voting booth.
  • Actively support candidates who would make great public servants through donations, volunteering and spreading the word.
  • Demand that, upon election, new leadership investigate, remove and prosecute corrupt and tainted state employees!!
  • Demand that term limits and reform measures be high priority

Actions Expanded

How the Victory can Come Together in 2012

Don't forget, legislators and state agency leadership should be held accountable for letting the Blagojevich crime spree continue through his re-election!! The price tag and negative impact that Blagojevich and other corrupt individuals have had on this state is staggering and you should be mad!!! Demand that , upon election, new leadership investigate, remove and prosecute corrupt and tainted state employees!!

Demand Reform NOW -- Fire Blagojevich cronies Now starting with agency directors, deputy directors and lackey support staff! (Begin at CMS) Provide near real time web access to data regarding legislative voting, political contributions and contracts. Provide a web site which houses all FOIA requests and the data requested in PDF format. Other reforms include Campaign Finance and Lobbyist Reform to name a few.

Demand Accountability and Restitution -- This state deserves its money back for bogus contracts, shoddy work and items we didn't need in the first place which have been facilitated by corrupt government officials and their cronies going back at least to the beginning of the Blagojevich administration. Those people responsible should also be subject to criminal action.

Pay Attention -- Part of the reason politicians have been able to get away with so much is because citizens are pre-occupied with life. Remember corrupt, greedy government officials will have a detrimental effect on your life whether you realize it or not. Ignorance IS NOT bliss!!

Get informed and stay informed -- This doesn't mean just paying attention to the 30-second news bites on TV and radio. Read the paper, listen to talk radio, investigate details on the internet such as sites like the Capitol Fax Blog. This is one of those daunting efforts, but if you don't know what the people you elected are doing, then how do you know if they are working for their own best interests or yours.

Employ common sense -- If you hear of things happening in government that don't make sense, challenge them through your elected officials. If you work for government challenge them with management as well as perhaps your elected official or even law enforcement.

Live out truth -- If you know of dirty dealings going on or that have gone on let the proper authorities know.

Demand Justice -- Be it the elected officials themselves or the cronies who carry out their bidding like evil oompahs, demand punishment for all involved. Those who have contributed to corruption have gotten away with it for far too long without punishment.

Don't be greedy and selfish -- It is greed and selfishness that has us in this mess in the first place. When you act, think about what is best for the state not just whats in it for you.

Don't fear -- Often we fear retribution if we speak out. I know I've felt that way at times however, we must all stand for truth and no longer let the corrupt succeed. Start by writing out what you've seen or heard and work your way toward getting it to the proper authorities.

Communicate -- Talk issues over with friends and family and then communicate your thoughts with elected officials. It could be on anything from your feelings about an issue to comments regarding a new law, fee or tax.

Write Letters - Letters to editors of newspapers, letters to elected officials, school boards, etc. are a good ways to let people know your stance on issues. Often its the old fashioned paper letter sent through the US Postal Service which makes the most impact so keep that in mind as well.

Don't Settle for less -- Don't feel like you need to settle for the poor examples in office currently, demand quality representation. Don't overlook past transgressions and poor character. Our officials are supported to be honorable public servants representing us not their lining their pockets.

Hold elected officials accountable -- Be prepared to make an informed decision to vote people out of office if they don't perform. Don't give them a pass just because they make more promises.

Be honest -- Make sure you are honest with yourself and others. If you don't really know the facts about and issue shut up until you know and understand the details!

Be persistent -- Call your elected officials as often as you think you need to. Perhaps often enough that the office secretary recognizes your voice and greets you by name.

Contact Your Legislators (Senate | House)
Call Governor Quinn at
312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244
Contact House Speaker Mike Madigan

Follow Through -- Don't talk yourself out of doing your part just because you are busy. In contrast to your lack of action, politicians often work full time. In reality it doesn't have to take much time to get better informed and communicate with your elected officials.

Pray -- We can all use the Help of God to turn this state toward a more prosperous future.

Remember -- When illegal or questionable activities take place, be it someone's wife getting a high paying state job or a company contributing to a campaign fund after getting a valuable state contract or a thousand shady activities in between remember it is our tax dollars being squandered for selfish gain. Burn that in your mind for re-election time!!

Realize your achievements -- Becoming an informed and active citizen is rewarding!

Get informed and take action starting now!

Reform Recommendations

Reclaim Illinois Action Items flier (PDF 66KB)

The Cost of Corruption
Political Corruption in Illinois and what to do about it.

Curing Corruption in Illinois: Anti-Corruption Report Number 1, February 3, 2008 (PDF)
Authored By: Thomas J. Gradel, Dick Simpson and Andris Zimelis with Kirsten Byers, Chris Olson

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