Reclaim Illinois, Let's return Honor, Integrity and Respect to Illinois Government

Reclaim Illinois has closed up shop.

Please PRAY for our state and nation!
The inept and the corrupt continue to be in control!

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Get Informed and give politics as usual a punch in the head!
Informed Citizens make better choices!

Read for yourself and if you agree
Ask your legislators and favorite candidates to work on
Reform Recommendations

Did you know!?!?
Chicago area has most corruption convictions in nation,
UIC study says.

Chicago Tribune 3/12/12
Illinois remains a wasteland
Taxpayers pay high price when governments lose their way

How about joining together for a neighborhood watch within government!
Please come forward if you know of negligence and/or corruption and let's cleanup our state.

Strive for success as a voter!
Springfield Business Journal Oct. 2010

Words to Live By
-make useful again
-bring, lead or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one.

"If Illinois isn't the most corrupt state in the United States, it's one hell of a competitor." (Robert Grant, FBI Special Agent 12/9/08)

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NOTE: Reclaim Illinois is non-partisan and will be providing information on major candidates in play for the general election in November including Green, Constitutional, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Independent party candidates with the goal of electing the BEST candidates regardless of party. If a statewide candidate isn't listed on the site please let us know.
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